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Welcome to the Alaska Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program!

We hope drivers and pedestrians can be more alert now that darkness covers most peoples commute. Children are especially vulnerable to cars and dangers from snow removal operations. Please wear reflective clothing or some reflective materials. Be safe by helping motorists see you.

Plan your route to walk to school. Find the safest route and ask others to go with you. Walk or bike from home, walk or bike from a designated place. Check out the Map a Route tool at

Walk in a group, there is safety in numbers. See if your school is registered or is planning an event.

The Link Between Kids Who Walk or Bike to School and Concentration

Children who walk or cycle to school rather than being driven by their parents have an increased power of concentration, and the effect of this ‘exercise’ lasts all morning! This was one of the main conclusions of a comprehensive Danish project – The ‘Mass Experiment 2012’ – which set out to examine the link between diet, exercise and the power of concentration.

Read more at: Leaving site

Bike to School Day is May 6, 2015

Please see for more information and links to register your school. You may also like to see who is biking in Alaska and other available resources. Last year, Anchorage had more schools participate than any other community in the nation!! Let’s make it an even bigger year in 2015 for our state!

May is Bike Month

Learn how to enjoy your bike as a safe, self-powered mode of transportation. As a vehicle, lights, reflectors and other safety equipment make it safer and more enjoyable to ride. Riding to school, or to work, or to shop, bikes are considered vehicles in all 50 states.

Find out what you need to be more safe. Ride your bike in traffic as you might drive a car. Ride on the right with traffic, but when walking, it is safer to walk on the left opposing traffic, so you can see as the vehicle approaches. When riding, go with the flow.

Obey all traffic signs and signals, learn to position yourself to be seen and respected by cars, and wear a helmet to help prevent traumatic brain injury.

2014 Grant Application Results

These are the current grant application recommendations for award.

Fairbanks – Wood River Elementary School
Juneau – Gastineau School sidewalk
Kotzebue – Planning Grant
Anchorage – AIPC Bikology bike safety curriculum.
Statewide - State of Alaska DHSS-Visibility program.

Funding: Currently, the Alaska Safe Routes to Schools Program is in the process of funding the final SAFETEA-LU authorized grant awards. The state program and all remaining grants will be closed out by October 2016. At this time, we do not anticipate offering application opportunities for additional SRTS grants, or MAP-21 authorized funding for bike and pedestrian safety grants to communities.

For more information contact Steven Soenksen, Alaska SRTS Coordinator at 907-465-4069 or send an email to