Reimbursable Grant Program

Grants are available to help plan, design or complete construction improvements that enable and encourage children to safely walk and bicycle to school. Eligible recipients include state, local and regional agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funding is 100 percent federal through SAFETEA-LU, SEC 1404; no match is required.

Types of Grants Available


provides assistance to complete or create a SRTS plan, which will analyze existing conditions, gather public input, and identifies potential infrastructure and non-infrastructure solutions.

  • Create SRTS community plan
  • Map areas around school vicinity
  • Plan to connect existing trails and paths

Non-infrastructure Projects:

supports education, encouragement, enforcement, or evaluation activates related to safe walking and biking to school.

  • Activities to encourage walking and bicycling to school
  • Public awareness campaign
  • Traffic education
  • Student training sessions
  • Traffic enforcement operations near schools

Infrastructure Projects:

schools, often in partnership with cities and boroughs, can receive funds to support infrastructure projects that improve safety and access for children walking and bicycling to school.

  • Sidewalks
  • Traffic calming and speed reduction
  • Pedestrian and bicycle crossing improvements
  • On and off street bicycle facilities
  • Off street pedestrian facilities.
  • Traffic diversion improvements

Single Project:

one-time activity, event, or purchase that support STRS goals (education, encouragement, evaluation, enforcement and engineering).

  • Bike Rodeo
  • Law enforcement training
  • Write a curriculum
  • Sponsor a conference or training