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"ALMR gives us the capability to communicate internally during daily operations and to coordinate with other agencies during emergencies."
  Greg Patz, M&O, ADOT&PF

Alaska Land Mobile Radio (ALMR)

photo Motorola radio

The State of Alaska, in cooperation with the Department of Defense and other government entities, operates the Alaska Land Mobile Radio system. ALMR provides reliable and robust communications between federal, state, and local emergency responders during emergencies. It is also the daily communications system for ADOT&PF operators, police, and fire departments. ALMR is a trunked system that provides clear and reliable voice and data transmissions across the state. It complies with all federal standards for emergency communications.

Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities Alaska Land Mobile Radio:

photo Motorola radio

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) worked among a statewide effort to deploy Alaska Land Mobile Radio (ALMR) of subscriber units to support Maintenance and Operations forces. The ADOT&PF's LMRS integrate with the ALMR project so that both data and voice move seamless among the various public safety agencies.

ALMR serves several purposes:

  • Enhance personnel safety and operational capabilities
  • Create a cooperative partnership across federal, state and local jurisdictions
  • Transmit real-time information among the ADOT&PF and public safety agencies like police and fire
  • Cost share infrastructure among federal, state and local governments
  • Improve security, emergency response and operational efficiency statewide


ADOT&PF Maintenance and Operations crews use ALMR radios for daily operations and emergency response across the State highway system. Crews use mobile radios mounted in vehicles, portable radios that are hand-held, and base stations at the maintenance camps. Repeater stations located at strategic points throughout the state highway system relay radio signals, providing reliable and clear transmission of voice and data communications.



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