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Iways Architecture

Last update: June 2017

The Alaska Iways ITS Architecture (AKIA) conforms to the broader National ITS Architecture, which is used as a framework for the design, development and implementation of Intelligent Transportation System technologies.

The ADOT&PF has conducted a statewide effort to engage with multiple state, federal and local agencies (see Education and Outreach Plan below for list of stakeholders). The AKIA will serve to coordinate and integrate existing and future ITS projects so that they function as a technologically compatible, complementary system.

The most recent update of the Alaska ITS Architecture Update was completed in early 2017. The final documents are available below. The last phase of the update project consists of updating which we hope will be complete by the end of 2018.


Education and Outreach Plan pdf icon

Education and Outreach - Fact Sheet 1 pdf icon

Education and Outreach - Fact Sheet 2 pdf icon

Systems Engineering Checklist (Instructions included) pdf icon

Implementation Plan pdf icon

Use and Maintenance Guide pdf icon 4.2MB

Final Report pdf icon 8.9MB

How to Access and Use Turbo Architecture pdf icon

Turbo Architecture File* 17MB

(*Turbo software required to view Turbo Architecture.  Download for free at:

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