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AIAS - Rates and Fees

(Established Pursuant to AIAS Passenger Terminal Lease and Operating Agreement)

The Commissioner of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF), under authority vested by AS 2.15.020 and Title 17 AAC 42.125, has implemented certain fees listed below for the Alaska International Airport System (AIAS), consisting of the Ted Stevens Anchorage (ANC) and Fairbanks (FAI) International Airports. The rates are effective January 1, 2021 for AIAS users. Signatory Airlines are air carriers that have executed an AIAS Operating Agreement and Passenger Terminal Lease (Sample Operating Agreement and Sample Exhibits to Operating Agreement 4MB ).

The rates are as follows and are subject to change by further public notice:

Terminal Rental Rate   
  Long-term Lease (until at least June 30, 2023) $61.50 per square foot per year
  Month-to-Month Lease or Permit $76.88 per square foot per year
Landing Fee (For Aircraft 6,000 lbs and greater CMGTW)
  Signatory Airline Aircraft $1.00 per 1,000 pounds CMGTW
  Aircraft 12,500 lbs and less CMGTW $1.00 per 1,000 pounds CMGTW
  FAI Non-Signatory Aircraft > 12,500 lbs CMGTW $1.00 per 1,000 pounds CMGTW
  ANC Non-Signatory Aircraft > 12,500 lbs CMGTW     $1.25 per 1,000 pounds CMGTW
Fuel Flowage Fee * (Applies to all fuel/all aircraft)
  Signatory Airline Aircraft $0.027 per gallon
  Aircraft 12,500 lbs and less CMGTW $0.027 per gallon
  Non-Signatory Airline Aircraft >12,500 lbs CMGTW $0.067 per gallon
  *At FAI, the Fuel Flowage Fee for Non-Signatory Aircraft >12,500 lbs CMGTW will be $0.027 per gallon for the first twenty five million (25,000,000) gallons of fuel dispensed to a Non-Signatory customer in the fiscal year, until the first day of the month after the month in which total fuel dispensed at FAI exceeds one hundred million (100,000,000) gallons for that fiscal year.
Aircraft Ramp Rental Rate $1.13 per square foot per year
Vehicle Parking Position
(current aircraft ramp rent x 200 sq ft / 12)
$18.83 per month
Federal Inspection Service Fee  
  FIS Service Fee per Airplane Inspection $37.70 per inspection
  FIS Service Fee per Deplaning Passenger $5.61 per inspection
Aircraft Parking Charge Rate  
  Narrow Body Aircraft (single aisle) up to 4hrs $70.10 per use (1 x a/c parking charge rate)
  Wide Body Aircraft (2 or more aisle) up to 4hrs $140.21 per use (2 x a/c parking charge rate)
  Narrow Body Aircraft (single aisle) 4hrs to 24hrs $210.31 per use (3 x a/c parking charge rate)
  Wide Body Aircraft (2 or more aisle) 4hrs to 24hrs $280.41 per use (4 x a/c parking charge rate)
Common Use Premises Charges  
  All other common use premises $1.78 per enplaned passenger
Airport Administered Premises charges **  
  Airport Administered Gate Fee Per Turn (one landing and departure of an aircraft):
  Wide Body (two or more aisle) $967.17 per turn
  Narrow Body (single aisle and > 100 seats) $537.32 per turn
  Regional (50-99 seats) $376.12 per turn
  Commuter (fewer than 50 seats) $214.93 per turn
  ** Amount paid in a Fiscal Year by Signatory Airline on per turn basis not to exceed amount which would have been paid by that airline as preferential use premises for that entire fiscal year.
  Passenger Jet Bridge Fee $241.85 per turn
  Passenger Jet Bridge Fee $4,469.61 per month
  Ticket Counter / Bag Makeup Space $58.30 per use
Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) $1.52 per enplaned passenger
Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Parking Sticker Fee  
  Self-Propelled $40.00 per year
  Non Self-Propelled $20.00 per year

Additional information may be obtained from Keith Day, Controller, Alaska International Airport System, at telephone 907-266-2404 or email

Ancillary Rates and Fees Listing (i.e. other charges not established under Operating Agreement)
  AIAS Other Rates and Fees  
Current Airline Certified Activity Reporting Forms – Effective January 1, 2021

**For companies that both report and remit payment on behalf of their customers.

Questions? - Please contact Keith Day, 907-266-2404 or Keith.Day@Alaska.Gov
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