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Enjoy the unique experience of a trip to Whittier, Alaska, driving the longest combined vehicle-railroad tunnel in North America!


Please Note: The "Walk To Whittier" will not be happening in 2013 at this time.

The Greater Whittier Chamber of Commerce is currently searching for a partner to help with that event.
Any organization interested in partnering on this event should contact the Whittier Chamber of Commerce.
We will keep you posted if something changes. Thank you for your interest.


Tunnel Schedules
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May 1 - Sept 30
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Oct 1 - Apr 30
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Current Regulations: PDF document | Word document
Toll Schedules (June 1, 2004)
Schedule and safety information:
call 1-877-611-2586


History, tunnel facts, operational information, and construction details are available on this website. For further questions or information, please contact:

Gordon S. Burton, Facility Manager
Phone: 907-472-2584

Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
5300 East Tudor Road Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Fax: 907-472-2533

Location of Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel:Whittier Site Map

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Updated: 12/06/2012

Above Photo Banner: (10:00pm at Twenty Mile River Valley near Portage. Photo by Dave Krause, Alaska DOT&PF)