To allow maximum flexibility in planning your trip, passenger, cabin, and vehicle fares are all figured separately and are one-way. For example, if there are two people in your party, you are driving a car on board, and you would like one cabin, you should add: 2 passenger fares + 1 vehicle fare + 1 cabin fare. Please Note: cabin fares are charged per unit, not by the number of people using the cabin.

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Vehicles Over 21 Feet

To calculate the rate per foot for vehicles over 21 feet, multiply the total vehicle length by the rate per foot listed in the fare table for that sailing leg.

For example:
A 25 foot long vehicle traveling from Bellingham to Ketchikan would be calculated as follows
25 (vehicle length) x 43.2 (per foot rate) equals $1,080.00 (vehicle fare)