Which tool is right for you? Start by asking yourself the question of what information you want and how you would like to see it presented. There are a variety of tools available online to help navigate to the information that you desire. The information below is provided to help you take advantage of these tools and to choose which tool is best for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call toll free 1-800-642-0066 for assistance and one of our friendly Reservation Staff will be happy to assist you.

Sailing Calendar

The Sailing Calendar is designed to give you vessel and schedule information by month, port or vessel. This criteria can be provided individually or you can select multiple categories (month, port and vessel) for a more specific search. At minimum, you can start a search by selecting only one of the three criteria and then push the "Get Schedule" button. Depending on the specific criteria you select, you will see a schedule of one / all vessels traveling to / from one / all ports of call for a given month. The information provides a time, an abbreviated vessel name, and arrival / departure information for the entire month. This information is abbreviated and a key has been provided in the top left hand corner of the calendar to help define the information. If your search requires you to look deeper into a vessel's details, you are able to click on a piece of the information provided in the calendar and the full sailing itinerary for that vessel's voyage will open in a seperate window.

Colored Schedule Grids

The Colored Schedule Grids present schedule information for a region or vessel by month. To use this tool, begin by selecting a month and a region or vessel, then push the "Get Schedule" button. Once the information returns, vessel names will head each row and ports for the selected region will head each column. To read the grid, you will locate the port or vessel of interest and read across (by vessel) or down (by port). Please note that ports and vessels may appear on more than one grid due to service from more than one route. Please also note that the schedules are presented by directional groups (i.e. Northbound / Southbound) and it is helpful to look at both directions. You will need to understand the abrreviations utilized for the vessel names as well as for the arrival / departure information. These definitions can be located in a key that you will find in the top left hand corner of the grid. Each vessel will be color coded on the grid and the key for this coding is located at both the top and bottom of the page. If you wish to print the grids in black and white, you can select that option in your print preview screen or consider using the PDF Schedule Grids.

PDF Schedule Grids

The PDF Schedule Grids are similar to the Colored Schedule Grids. On this page, links for each region's schedules are presented and the selections available are identical to the options in the Colored Schedule Grids. The PDF Schedule Grids allow you to quickly print a month or an entire season for your selected region. Start by selecting a region by clicking on the link, download the PDF and navigate to the appropriate month. Once the information populates, the vessel names will head each row and the ports for the selected region will head each column. To read the grid, you will locate the port or vessel of interest and read across (by vessel) or down (by port). You will need to understand the abbreviations utilized for the vessel name as well as arrival / departure information. Please note that ports and vessels may appear on more than one grid due to service from more than one route.

Quick Schedule Search

The schedule search is a great choice if you are not sure what vessel or sailing applies to your intended travel plans or you are ready to start a reservation. Understanding how AMHS operates within regions will help you use this tool. The Route Guide on our website and a key to regions by port (available to the right on this page) are both helpful for this purpose. Next, you will need to know what ports you want to travel between and an approximate date of travel. After entering your search criteria, the system will return sailings relative to your desired travel date(s). Once the information populates, you are able to select one of the sailings to calculate cost. Once a search is complete and to begin a reservation, simply click on the "Begin Your Reservation" link and your selected information will be automatically populated in the initial reservation screen.

Other Helpful Planning Tools

Vessel Tracking: This application allows you to get a real time view of vessels and their location. For instance, if you are awaiting a ferry's arrival into the port where you are, this application can provide a real time arrival. Also, if you have explored the Vessel Profiles and would like to sail on one vessel in particular, the Vessel Tracking application can give you an idea of the region it operates within.

Route Guide: This tool will help you familiarize yourself with the ports in a given region. On this page you will find information on running times between ports as well as useful information on all the communities serviced by the ferry.

Schedule Updates: Schedules can be impacted by a variety of factors: tides, weather and emergency response are three key expamples. To facilitate in this communication, the updates page contains schedule change information.

Sample Itineraries: We have put together some ideas for taking advantage of existing ferry routes. Complete with activity suggestions, this pages has ideas on quick weekend getaways ideas or suggestions for weeklong adventures.

Start a Reservation: Ready to book your ferry travel? Simply begin a reservation and the sailing options will be presented you the same way it woudl if you are using the Quick Schedule Search tool.

Sailing Calendar

calendar screenshot

The Sailing Calendar is a helpful tool for understanding the flow of vessels that sail in and out of port communities. It also provides for a quick reference to full voyage information.

Reading the Schedule Grids

screenshot of color schedule

The Colored and PDF Schedule Grids reflect schedule information by region and vessels. One provides a color coded presentation and the other a black and white.

Key to Abbreviations

example of schedule grid

Several abbreviations are used to help provide ample information in a condensed format. An explanation to these examples can be found on the Key to Abbreviations. Both the Colored and PDF Schedule Grids use the same format as explained above.

Find a Sailing

Departure Date

The Quick Search tool is great when you understand the regions in which vessels operate. After reviewing the results, a link is provided to begin a reservation.