In 1902, ongoing border disputes between the U.S. and Canada provided the justification for an Army post in Alaska and the white buildings of Fort William H. Seward still stand as a distinctive landmark in Haines © Brian Adams
  • Haines is the birth place of the ferry system, started as Chilkoot Motorship Lines in 1948 by Haines residents.
  • World's largest concentration of bald eagles in autumn.
  • Wonderful bear watching opportunities in mid - late summer.
  • Some of the most spectacular scenery in the Inside Passage.
  • The Haines Highway, a National Scenic Byway, connects with the Alaska Highway, providing access to the "Lower 48" and Interior Alaska.
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Available routes to and from Haines, Alaska

Service Area

Haines receives ferry service six days a week in the summer, and two to five days per week in the winter. One of only three communities in Southeast Alaska accessible by road, the Haines Highway connects Southeast Alaska communities to the Alaska Highway. Haines is strategically located only four-and-a-half hours by ferry from Juneau or one hour from Skagway.

Haines, Alaska © Joshua Roper

Trip Ideas

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