<em>MV Malaspina</em> is a mainline vessel that travels between start and end ports that provide road access © Brian Adams

Vessel Information

MV Malaspina is 408 feet long and 74 feet wide, with a domestic gross tonnage of 2,928 and a service speed of 16.5 knots. The MV Malaspina is designed to carry 450 passengers and has a vehicle capacity of 1,675 linear feet, which is equal to approximately 83 twenty-foot vehicles. There are 45 four-berth and 26 two-berth cabins, as well as 1 wheelchair-accessible cabin. View our Vessel Information Table for more statistical information.

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A Side View of the <em>MV Malaspina</em>

Onboard Amenities

The MV Malaspina onboard amenities include observation lounges with comfortable chairs, a covered heated solarium, a cafeteria-style restaurant, a movie lounge, showers, coin-operated lockers, writing and quiet lounges, and a child's play area. Fresh towels, pillows and blankets are available upon request for a small fee. Coin operated ice machines and microwaves are also available. Click on the image to start a slideshow of all deck plans on the MV Malaspina.

Our smallest cabins are available on the <em>MV Kennicott</em> and are called roomettes.  The table and top bunk fold down to make beds.  They do not include facilities or linens © AMHS

Cabin Types & Descriptions

Two Berth Cabins: The MV Malaspina is equipped with 2-berth cabins as well as at least one 2-berth accessible cabin. ADA cabins are modified to accommodate wheelchair access in the entire cabin space. Click here to to see the layouts of the 2-berth cabins on MV Malaspina.

Four Berth Cabins: The MV Malaspina is equipped with 4-berth cabins as well as 4-berth cabins that have an area for sitting. Click here to to see the layouts of the 4-berth cabins on MV Malaspina.