<em>MV Columbia</em> is a mainline vessel that travels between start and end ports that provide road access © Peter Metcalfe

Vessel Information

MV Columbia is the largest vessel of the fleet, and until 2004 was also the fastest. The vessel is 418 feet long and 85 feet wide, with a domestic gross tonnage of 3,946 and a service speed of 17.3 knots. The MV Columbia is designed to carry 499 passengers and has a vehicle capacity of 2,660 linear feet, which is equal to approximately 133 twenty-foot vehicles. There are 45 four-berth and 56 two-berth cabins, as well as 3 wheelchair-accessible cabins. View our Vessel Information Table for more statistical information.

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A Side View of the <em>MV Columbia</em>

Onboard Amenities

The spacious MV Columbia is one of only two Alaska Marine Highway System vessels with a dining room. Other onboard amenities include observation lounges with comfortable chairs, a covered heated solarium, a cafeteria-style restaurant, a movie lounge, showers, coin-operated laundry and lockers, writing and quiet lounges, and a child's play area. Fresh towels, pillows and blankets are available upon request for a small fee. Click on the image to start a slideshow of all deck plans on the MV Columbia.

Our smallest cabins are available on the <em>MV Kennicott</em> and are called roomettes.  The table and top bunk fold down to make beds.  They do not include facilities or linens © AMHS

Cabin Types & Descriptions

Two Berth Cabins: The MV Columbia is equipped with 2-berth cabins as well as at least one 2-berth accessible cabin. ADA cabins are modified to accommodate wheelchair access in the entire cabin space. Click here to to see the layouts of the 2-berth cabins on MV Columbia.

Four Berth Cabins: The MV Columbia is equipped with 4-berth cabins as well as 4-berth cabins that have an area for sitting. Click here to to see the layouts of the 4-berth cabins on MV Columbia.