The community of Tenakee, Alaska © Cyndi Roman
  • Year-round therapeutic natural hot spring for public bathing.
  • Enjoyed by both full-time and part-time residents.
  • Serves as a summer retreat for residents of Juneau, Sitka, Washington, and Oregon.
  • There are no roads - local transportation is primarily by bicycle and ATV.
  • Wildlife viewing in the area includes - Sitka black tail deer, humpback wales, orcas, and brown bears.
  • Visit for more information on available activities and accommodations.

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Routes available to and from Tenakee, Alaska

Service Area

The community of Tenakee receives ferry service via a day boat and is a four and a half hour cruise from Juneau and two hours and fifteen minutes from Angoon. Service is provided twice a week most of the year. Tenakee is located on Chichagof Island, which has been nicknamed "Bear Island" due to the high concentration of brown bears.