In the wake of the destruction following the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake and resulting tsunami, the Afognak Village was nearly destroyed - the displaced inhabitants relocated and established Port Lions © Wayde Carroll Photography
  • Sitka spruce, birch, alder and willow trees cover the mountainous terrain around Port Lions.
  • Enjoy the beauty of waterfalls tucked away in spruce-filled coves, beach combing, and sea kayaking through the still blue waters of Kizkuyak Bay.
  • Several lodges and charter services offer access to the stunning scenery, fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing throughout the surrounding area.
  • A majority of the population is Alutiiq, and they lead a fishing and subsistence lifestyle.
  • A federally-recognized tribe is located in the community - the Native Village of Port Lions: Native Village of Afognak; Kodiak Island Inter-Tribal Council.

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Available routes to and from Port Lions, Alaska

Service Area

Ferry service is provided to Port Lions year round. It takes approximately ten hours to travel to Homer, one hour to Ouzinkie, and two and a half hours to Kodiak by ferry. If you plan your departure date from Homer just right, you can be in Port Lions for two days before heading to Kodiak. This adds a nice bonus to your trip to the Kodiak Island Archipelago. Although no visitor services are available, Port Lions offers the amenities of larger destinations such as full-service hunting and fishing lodges. Explore this community as an add-on to a 4 Day Getaway to Kodiak.