Residents of Metlakata built the church, school, sawmill, cannery and constructed homes in an orderly grid pattern © Wendy Chatham
  • Metlakatla means "salt water passage" and was founded by a group of Canadian Tsimsians who migrated from Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
  • Although the majority of its population is Tsimshian, Metlakatla is also home to many individuals with diverse tribal affiliations such as Tlingit, Haida, Aleut, Yupik, and other Alaska Native peoples.
  • The community prospered due to an abundance of natural resources and the ability to harvest salmon, halibut, cod, seaweed, clams, and waterfowl.
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Available routes to and from Metlakatla, Alaska

Service Area

The community of Metlakatla receives service from Ketchikan twice a day, five days per week year-round. The MV Lituya takes 45 minutes to travel between Ketchikan and Annette Bay, located at the end of Walden Point Road which connects the community to the ferry terminal. The 14.7-mile Walden Point Road is not only a scenic drive to the community of Metlakatla but is also designated an Alaska Scenic Byway.

Metlakatla, Alaska © Wendy Chatham

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