Transportation Improvement Plans (TIPs) Incorporated by Reference

The STIP incorporates several TIPs by reference:  Under federal rules, a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is charged with preparing long-range transportation plans within its jurisdiction, and implementing the plans through TIPs, or Transportation Improvement Programs.  An MPO is federally-designated transportation planning body for an urbanized area with a resident population over 50,000.  In Alaska, Anchorage and Fairbanks are the only MPOs, known as AMATS (Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions) and FMATS (Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System) respectively.


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AMATS TIP Incorporations
STIP Incorporation Date Description
06/04/2015 Administrative Modification #4 (15-18 TIP)
05/21/2015 Administrative Modifcation #3 (15-18 TIP)
05/21/2015 Administrative Modifcation #2 (15-18 TIP)
12/22/2014 Administrative Modification #1 (15-18 TIP)
10/29/2014 Original AMATS 15-18 TIP PDF icon
10/01/2014 Administrative Modifications #12 & #13 PDF icon
07/30/2014 Administrative Modification #11 PDF icon
06/27/2014 Administrative Modification #10 PDF icon
03/05/2014 Administrative Modification #9 PDF icon
02/03/2014 Administrative Modification #8 PDF icon
10/31/2013 Administrative Modification #7 PDF icon
07/15/2013 Administrative Modification #6 PDF icon(5.94MB)
03/18/2013 Administrative Modification #5 PDF icon
01/18/2013 Amendment #4 PDF icon
07/06/2012 Amendment #3 PDF icon
02/07/2012 Administrative Modification #4 PDF icon
11/07/2011 Amendment #2 PDF icon(6.7MB)
06/27/2011 Administrative Modification #3PDF icon
04/13/2011 Amendment #1 and Administrative Modification #2PDF icon(3.5MB)
01/22/2010 Original AMATS 10-13 TIPPDF icon(6.4MB)


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FMATS TIP Incorporations
STIP Incorporation Date Description
02/18/2015 Amendment #8 PDF icon(1MB)
06/06/2014 Amendment #7 PDF icon(1MB)
01/31/2014 Administrative Modification #6 PDF icon(1.1MB)
08/13/2013 Amendment #5 PDF icon(1.2MB)
03/18/2013 Amendment #4 PDF icon(7MB)
08/02/2012 Amendment #3 PDF icon(5.5MB)
03/21/2012 Administrative Modification #2 PDF icon(5.5MB)
12/16/2011 Amendment #1 PDF icon(1.4MB)
09/19/2011 Original FMATS 2012-2015 TIP PDF icon (1.8MB)


Planning organizations that receive federal funding for transportation projects in Alaska and that have their own federally-required TIPs are also incorporated into the STIP by reference.

Among these are: