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Interior Alaska Transportation Plan

IATP Area Map

This region of the state covers approximately 132,220 square miles, or an area about the size of Montana. It has two international border crossings, 36 state owned public airports, over 1,100 miles of National Highways and about 800 miles of State Highways.

In fall 2006, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) began to develop a Transportation Plan for Interior Alaska. The Interior Alaska Transportation Plan (IATP) joins five other regional multi-modal transportation plans, each components of the Statewide Long-Range Transportation Policy Plan, designed to address movement between communities in the region and from the region to points beyond. It will not address individual community projects.

DOT&PF contracted with WHPacific to develop the IATP. As part of the plan, a complete inventory of transportation modes was prepared, along with a review of potential resource development, the preparation of forecasts based on existing conditions and future trends, an analysis of the transportation network and the development of recommendations that may guide future investments in vital regional transpor¬tation projects.

Future developments in the Interior that may impact transportation include the following:

  • Gas Pipeline
  • Mineral Development
  • Military Training
  • Railroad Development
  • Tourism

The Plan examines potential impacts of these and other developments to highways, rail, aviation and local community roads.

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Complete Plan - November 2010 PDF Icon (15MB)


Key Contact for IATP:

Judy Chapman
Chief, Planning & Admin Services
DOT&PF Northern Region
2301 Peger Road
Fairbanks, AK 99709
Phone: 907-451-5150
Fax: 907-451-2313

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