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Northern Region

Jason Sakalaskas
Maintenance & Operations Chief
2301 Peger Road
Fairbanks, AK 99709-5316
Phone: (907) 451-2214
FAX: (907) 451-5153


Cathy Dallaire
Administrative Officer
NR Highways & Aviation
(907) 451-5286

Dan Adamczak
Regional Maintenance Engineer
(907) 451-2294

Jason Jacobs
Regional Buildings Maintenance Manager
(907) 451-2203

Tom Williams
Denali District Superintendent
(907) 451-5280

John Clendenin
Regional Safety Officer
(907) 451-2280

Dan Schacher
Fairbanks District Superintendent
(907) 451-5276

Dennis Bishop
Tok District Superintendent
(907) 883-3239

Calvin Schaeffer
Western District Superintendent
(907) 443-3443

Robert Dunning
Valdez District Superintendent
(907) 834-1039

John Hoffman
Tazlina District Superintendent
(907) 822-4432

Jeff Russell
Dalton District Superintendent
Phone: (907) 451-2207


The Northern Region Maintenance & Operations Division is headquartered in the Department of Transportation & Public Facilities building located at 2301 Peger Road, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Northern Region M&O is led by a Maintenance & Operations Chief, and staffed by 370 full-time or part-time/seasonal M&O personnel, including superintendents, foremen, equipment operators, building maintenance specialists, and various administrative staff. The M&O management group includes a Regional Maintenance Engineer, six District Superintendents, a Regional Buildings Maintenance Manager, a Regional Safety Officer, and one Administrative Officers. The Northern Region’s M&O response territory is approximately 370,000 square miles, 65% of the state’s total land area, and divided into seven districts: Tazlina, Tok, Fairbanks, Denali, Dalton, Valdez and Western.

There are 37 active Maintenance Stations in the Northern Region M&O system, each situated and staffed to handle the primary highway, airport, and building needs of adjacent segments of northern Alaska’s transportation infrastructure.

The Region maintains over 8,800 lane miles of roads and highways (paved and unpaved) and 1,500 lane miles of airport surfaces. It cares for 376 bridges, 408 public buildings, one seaplane float pond, and 99 airports with 550 airport leases. Four of the largest “primary” airports; at Barrow, Deadhorse, Kotzebue, and Nome are certificated by the FAA under the federal government’s Part 139 regulations, and operated to meet those crucial standards and guidelines. Local contractors maintain 60 of the NR’s smaller, community airports, while ADOT&PF NR maintenance crews manage and maintain the other airports – generally via access from the State’s road system.

Northern Region Maintenance & Operations is responsible for all of the highways which parallel the entire length of the Alyeska Pipeline from the North Slope oil fields to the marine terminal on the shores of Prince William Sound, in Valdez.