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Alaska Construction Manual

The Alaska Construction Manual (ACM) provides instructions for inspecting and administering airport, highway, and marine construction contracts for DOT&PF. The ACM incorporates the current policies and procedures of the Department with the statutory and regulatory requirements of State and Federal governments. It also references requirements that are conditions of our federal aid agreements.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to Jim Green, P.E., the statewide construction standards engineer. He can be reached at (907) 465-1222.



Entire Manual PDF March 2019
Cover PDF March 2019
Table of Contents PDF March 2019
Chapter 1: Construction Overview PDF May 2017
Chapter 2: Project Funding and Expenditures PDF May 2017
Chapter 3: Preliminary Activities PDF May 2017
Chapter 4: Field Office Set-Up and Record Keeping PDF July 2014
Chapter 5: Field Lab Set-Up, Equipment and Record Keeping PDF July 2014
Chapter 6: Managing the Staff PDF July 2014
Chapter 7: Program Administration PDF Feb. 2019
Chapter 8: Contract Administration in the Office PDF May 2017
Chapter 9: Contract Administration in the Field PDF May 2017
Chapter 10: Documenting and Reporting the Contractor's Progress PDF July 2014
Chapter 11: Sampling and Testing the Contractor's Work PDF July 2016
Chapter 12: Contractor Payments PDF May 2017
Chapter 13: Contract Changes PDF March 2019
Chapter 14: Contract Time PDF July 2014
Chapter 15: Final Field Construction Activitites PDF May 2017
Chapter 16: Project Closeout PDF May 2017
Chapter 17: Exhibits PDF May 2017
Chapter 18: Appendix PDF May 2017

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