Roads to Resources

Designed to maximize economic opportunity, the road projects are:

construction activities Photos courtesy of Alaska DNR and Alaska DOT&PF

Road to Umiat Oil and
Foothills Gas Resources - $10 million

This funding would provide for continued environmental assessment work and eventual construction of routes to Umiat. The purpose of the project is to provide access to oil and gas resources along the northwestern foothills of the Brooks Range. The project has received $25 million in previous funding.

Road to Tanana
$10 million

Support of preliminary routing, permitting, and environmental work on a road to Tanana from the existing highway system will improve access to mineral deposits and between remote villages, larger hub communities and road networks near Fairbanks. It will also reduce the cost of goods and services in remote villages, thereby supporting their continued sustainability.

Road to Ambler
$4 million

This proposed funding furthers the efforts to provide all-season access for exploration and development of natural resources within the Ambler District. The project will define an optimal corridor, proceed with permitting and environmental work, and establish a right-of–way.

Klondike Industrial Use Highway and
other resource roads - $4.5 million

$2.5 million is included in the Governor’s proposed budget for refurbishing and strengthening the pavement and bridge structures on the Klondike Highway, where we anticipate a large increase in trucking traffic from Canadian mines to the Port of Skagway for shipment. An additional $2 million is available for other resource road opportunities, primarily roads to timber sales, to promote access, economic development, and jobs.


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