Originally created under Administrative Order 204, dated January 1, 2003 by Governor Frank Murkowski, the Marine Transportation Advisory Board (MTAB) was established in statute (AS 19.65.110-AS 19.65.195) by Governor Sarah Palin on May 5, 2009


The Marine Transportation Advisory Board (MTAB) may issue reports and recommendations and shall, in cooperation with the department, prepare and submit to the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) and the Governor for review a strategic plan that includes the mission, core values, objectives, initiatives, and performance goals of the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS). The board may establish volunteer regional advisory committees. After the Commissioner of Transportation has considered one or more candidates for the position of Director or Deputy Commissioner of the Alaska Marine Highway System, the Commissioner shall confer with MTAB regarding that candidate or those candidates before making an appointment to the position.

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