Employment with DOT&PF

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See where Alaska's DOT&PF can take you...

The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities provides career opportunities covering a broad range of interests and career fields throughout Alaska.

Interested in working at remote locations? DOT&PF has maintenance stations in the Brooks Range, the airport at Deadhorse and numerous small communities throughout rural Alaska and large urban centers as well. Do you enjoy working weeks on and taking whole weeks off? Then DOT&PF is for you. Is summer work on a specific project in exotic locations such as Dutch Harbor or Kotzebue appealing? Those DOT&PF options await you.

Hone your heavy equipment operating skills with DOT&PF in Alaska’s rural communities, larger cities or at our international airports.

Support and clerical positions are available in Haines, Homer or in Alaska’s metropolitan areas. DOT&PF offers career growth opportunities for those in administrative, accounting, personnel, procurement and data management fields.

DOT&PF employs land surveyors, geologists, environmental specialists, land management specialists, planners, police and fireman, security and commercial vehicle enforcement officers, data entry clerks, information technology specialists, programmers, research analysts, equipment operators, maintenance specialists, leasing and right of way agents, architects, laboratory technicians, engineers, procurement experts. You name it and you can do it at Alaska DOT&PF!