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Airport Police & Fire Blotter

March 2018

    Suspicious Circumstance: 3/1/18, 0534 hrs- Airport Police were dispatched to the South Terminal regarding a passenger involved in human trafficking. This case is currently under investigation.

    Disturbance: 3/1/18, 0901 hrs- Officers responded to to the South Terminal for a man who had been threatened. He said his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend threatened to kill him. The suspect had already departed. The case officer contacted the suspects Probation Officer and a Assistant District Attorney.  Insufficient evidence for charges.

    Medical Assist: 3/2/18, 0100 hrs- Officers responded to gate B-6 for a passenger possibly having a stroke. Officers provided medical care until the Anchorage Fire Department arrived on scene and transported.

    Drinking in Public: 3/2/18, 0259 hrs- Officers contacted a subject “wailing” on the ground near bag claim 7. The subject was not ticket to fly and provided a PBT sample of their breath (.230). The subject was transported to Sleep Off.

    Community Policing: 3/2/18, 2333 hrs- Airport Police on patrol stopped to help a citizen at the Park Ride n Fly who appeared to be stuck (snow) in a parking space. Officers successfully pushed  the vehicle out of the space. Officers confirmed he was the registered owner.

    Fire services: 3/3/18, 1659 hrs- Anchorage Tower reported a fire at the FAA hangar with a large plume of black smoke. ARFF units responded on the East Taxiway group. Upon arrival there was no source of the smoke.  A worker from Swissport saw the Fire units in the area and stated to a patrol officer that they had started up a de-icing truck. The diesel heater for the de-icing fluid was pumping out large amounts of dark black smoke.

    Medical Assist: 3/3/18, 1924 hrs- Officers were dispatched to a male who was going in and out of consciousness. Officers arrived and the citizen was conscious alert and breathing. Officers spoke with his son who stated his father had lost consciousness during the flight and was unresponsive.  Vitals were taken and oxygen was administered.  AFD arrived and transported.

    Suspicious Circumstance/Welfare Check: 3/4/18, 1034- Officers contacted a vehicle parked at “Swim Beach”.  Officers saw the lone male occupant in possesion of a glass and a small plastic bag.  In plain view was foil, often used for drug activty.  "Skye" (K-9) alerted on something inside the vehicle.  The vehicle was seized and towed to the station impound lot and a search warrant was issued.

    Complaint: 3/5/18- A citizen called Airport Dispatch and stated that TSA stole his marijuana from his checked luggage. Airport Police contacted the man via telephone. He stated he was missing 5 "joints" from his checked luggage on his flight from Anchorage to Barrow.

    Suspicious Circumstances: 3/5/18, 2250 hrs- Airline employee called dispatch regarding a subject that took an Apple Iphone from the Delta Airlines ticket counter. The subject was contacted near the Alaska Airlines ticket counter. The subject denied taking the phone and allowed officers to search her person and personal belongings with negative results. Video was reviewed showing the subject drop the phone in a garbage can.  An Officer retrieved the phone and returned it to the owner. The owner did not want to press charges.

    DIP/Vagrancy: 3/6/18, 2327 hrs- Airport Police conducted a welfare check on a male subject near upper door 7. The subject was identified and had a strong odor of alcohol. The subject submitted to a PBT which showed his BrAC to be .379.  An Officer transported him to sleep-off and a criminal trespass warning was given.

    MVA Property Damage: 3/7/18, 0749 hrs- K1 Officer enroute to work, stopped for assistance with a two vehicle collision, no injuries. Citation issued to one of the drivers.  Total damage estimated at $6,000.00.

    Misconduct Controlled Substance in the 4th Degree: 3/9/18, 0247 hrs- Airport Police were dispatched to the TSA CTX room for a green leafy substance. Airport Police observed more than a couple of ounces of marijuana.  The green leafy substance  was weighed and field tested which revealed a presumptive positive test for THC, and a weight of over a pound. The passenger was charged with Misconduct of Controlled Subastance in the 4th Degree.   Per Officers bail schedule, the man was transported to Anchorage Jail without incident.

    MVA-Injury: 3/9/18, 0646 hrs- Airport police officer observed a vehicle cross the right hand lane while stopped at International and Jewel Lake and disappear off the road. Upon arriving on scene the officer observed the vehicle had collided into the crosswalk controller and hit a utility box cancelling all traffic control at the intersection.  The officer contacted the responsible driver about 30 ft off the road.  He stated he was traveling approximately 50 mph at the time of the incident and was not wearing his seat belt.  The driver had a head wound and was treated, and trasnported to a hospital by AFD.  Airport Police units controlled the intersection while the accident scene was investigated.

    DWLC: 3/10/18, 0227 hrs- Officer conducted a traffic stop on Wisconsin and Lake Shore for a vehicle with a inoperable headlights. The driver handed the officer his AK identification card and said he thought he could just use his fog lights. A records check showed the driver had a cancelled license.  The officer issued an AUC with a 30 day court date. The subject left his car in a parking lot and departed the area via Uber.

    False Report, VCOR, Theft II: 3/10/18, 0709 hrs- Airport police observed a suspicious male walking around the arrivals ramp near the Alaska Airlines baggage claim area. He did not appear to be traveling. The suspect was contacted. He stated he missed the bus. Officers asked for his identification and he provided an Alaska ID card belonging to a person not matching the suspect. The suspect was later positively identified. The suspect had two debit cards belonging to two other people. A records check revealed the suspect had a stop and hold for violating conditions of release. The suspect also had a counterfeit $100 U.S. bill within a large stack of cards in his pocket. The suspect was charged with VCOR, Theft 2nd x2, and False Information. He was arrested and transported to the Anchorage Jail. The FBI and U.S. Secret Service were notified.

    Agency Assist: 3/10/18- Officers assisted with a patient who died enroute from Adak. Medical Examiner contacted.

    DWI-Alcohol: 3/11/18, 0335 hrs- Airport police were dispatched to a REDDI report from APD, referecne a black p/u truck that nearly ran a motorist off the road.  The complaintant had confronted the driver and the truck operator had admitted being intoxicated.  Officers observed the truck in the snow by Lake Hood and Northern Lights.  There were 2 occupants inside the vehicle and both appeared intoxicated. Field Sobriety Test was conducted on the operator who failed.  The operator was arrested for DUI. The vehicle was impounded. 

    Vehicle Theft: 3/11/18, 0941 hrs- A vehicle was reported stolen from the parking garage. Investigation revealed the stolen vehicle was reported to have exited the parking garage in the early morning hours by following another vehicle. The vehicle was recovered in East Anchorage and processed by Airport police and was released to the owner by APD. Investigation continues.

    DWI-Alcohol: 3/11/18, 2024 hrs- Officers were dispatched to the loading dock area, for a report that a subject was parked drinking beer.  Officers contacted the driver in an Administration parking space.  The subject had an open container of an alcoholic beverage.  The officers questioned the subject on his alcohol intake for the night.  A Field Sobriety Test was conducted and clues of intoxication were present.  The man was arrested for DWI.  DataMaster results were over the legal limit. The driver was released under the officer bail schedule with a court date. The man's wife picked him up.

    Civil Standby: 3/12/18- Supervisors and officers assisted a leaseholder business with a civil standby, for a confrontational employee who was scheduled for termination. The employee arrived and was terminated without incident.

    Criminal Mischief 3rd: 3/12/18, 1532 hrs- Officers responded to Lynden Air Cargo for a report that two men were breaking into a vehicle in their parking lot. The suspects were gone when Airport police arrived. The complainant provided surveilance video. The total damage was approximately $1,000.00. The investigation is ongoing.

    Medical Assist: 3/12/18, 2101 hrs- A passenger aboard a Delta airlines flight requested a medical check of their leg (reported injury) that was sustained by a service dog who was also on the flight. Officers responded and determined there was no medical assistance needed.

    Suspicious Circumstances: 3/12/18, 2042 hrs- Airport police officer witnessed an unattended vehicle on the Upper Ramp of TSAIA.  A subject approached the vehicle with a screw driver in their hand and was contaced by officers. The vehicles ignition had been tampered with but showed clear in records. The subject was not the registered owner and the vehicle had no insurance. The vehicle was impounded for proof of ownership and insurance.

    MVC-Damage: 3/13/18, 0611 hrs- Airport police responded to W/B International Airport RD and Rutan for a vehicle that ran into the guardrail. The driver said he was trying to turn onto Rutan and slid into and on the berm. There were no injuries. A tow truck was called. The total estimated damage was $1,500.00 to the vehicle and $500.00 to the guardrail.

    MVC-Damage: 3/13/18, 0858 hrs- Airport police responded to the intersection of W/B International Airport RD and Spenard Road for a motor vehicle collision with no injuries, damage only. The at fault driver failed to stop for a steady red light and hit the other vehicle. The driver said he was unable to stop due to his speed and icy road conditions. The total estimated damage to both vehicles was $13,000.00.

    Drivers license Violation: 3/13/18, 1955 hrs, officers made contact with a rental vehicle that was reported to be either stolen or failure to return. Investigation revealed the operator of the vehicle had no valid operators license and was issued a citation for the offense. The vehicle was returned to the rental agency without incident, no further charges were filed.

    False Alarm: 3/14/18, 0003- Officers responded to 4405 Lear Court for a report of a motion sensor alarm. Units arrived on scene and the investigation revealed the alarm was accidently tripped by janitorial staff. The buildings emergency contact was advised of the situation and the alarm was cleared.

    Other Injury Accident: 3/14/18, 0238 hrs- Officers were dispatched to a slip-fall accident that occurred outside the North Terminal. The patient stated she slipped on the ice and injured her right leg. Officers provided comfort care and the patient declined further medical treatment.

    Criminal Trespass: 3/14/18, 0431 hrs- Officers contacted a subject that has extensive trespass/vagrancy case history in the aiport terminals. After the subject was re-contacted on two more occasion he was placed under arrest for the offense of Criminal Trespass. The subject was released on his own recognizance and transported form the area.

    TSR Violation: 3/14/18, 0629 hrs- Airport police responded to the South Terminal screening point for a  gun in the x-ray machine. The passenger forgot he had the gun. The man and the gun were clear in records. He took his gun away from the screening point. A report was forwarded for possible federal fines.

    Failure to Return Rental Car: 3/14/18,1146 hrs- Airport police responded to the Budget Car Rental counter for a  fail to return rental car. The agent said the last time they received payment for the car was 2-12-18. They have not been able to contact the person with the contract. The vehicle was entered into stolen status.

    Public Assist: 3/14/18, 1859 hrs- Officers were dispatched to an airline ticket counter for a citizen acting strange. The investigation revealed the citizen was not ticketed to fly and had walked away from their assisted living home. Officers made contact with the home who came and picked up the subject.

    Agency Assist: 3/15/18- “Skye” and K-9 handler assisted AK State Troopers with drug interdictions in Whittier at the Ferry Terminal.

    Fugitive From Justice: 3/15/18, 1134 hrs- Airport police contacted a driver of a vehicle who had left it unattended at the domestic terminal. A records check revealed he had a no bail warrant for Destruction of Evidence out of Colarado. Colorado confirmed they would extradite him for the warrant. He was arrested and remanded into custody at the Anchorage Jail.

    Failure to Stop: 3/15/18, 0651 hrs- Anchorage Airport Police observed a vehicle with no brake lights. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle with lights and siren. The vehicle accelerated and fled into the Spenard area at a high rate of speed. APD was notified. Attempted stop was discontinued. 

    DWLS: 3/15/18, 1711 hrs- Airport police responded to the Clithroe Center for a report of a suspiscious vehicle in their parking lot with two occupants. Officers contacted the subjects. The driver was suspended and she was a suspect in an Airport Police theft case. She was issued a summons to appear in court for Driving While License Suspended.

    Disturbance: 3/15/18, 1814 hrs- Airport Police responded to a RAVN Air Flight for a reported disturbance between two male subjects. Subjects were contacted, situation was determined to be non-criminal and one subject who was intoxicated, was transported to Sleep Off. The other individual left on foot from the airport. Both subjects were given criminal trespass / disorderly conduct warnings.

    Disturbance: 3/16/18, 0009 hrs- Airport Police responded to gate C-1, reference two male adults fighting. Officers arrived and contacted the victim at C-1 and the aggressor at C-3. Investigation revealed that the victim had employed the aggressor who was a former employee, that the victim recently fired. The former employee confronted the victim and got physical after which both departed from each other. The victim did not want to press charges against the ex-employee and no injuries were sustained.

    Warrant Service: 3/16/18, 0147 hrs- Anchorage Airport Police responded to International / Spenard Rd for a report of vehicle disabled in the middle of the road. Upon contact, officers determined the vehicle ran out of gas. The driver had an outstanding no bail felony warrant for Assault 3rd. The driver was arrested and transported to the Anchorage Jail without incident. The vehicle was pushed to the side of the road. The passenger stayed with the vehicle and made plans to get a licensed driver to retrieve the vehicle.   

    Public Intoxication: 3/16/18, 2123 hrs- Anchorage Airport Police officers conducting a foot patrol of the domestic terminal where informed about a male who had fallen to the ground. Officers arrived on scene and discovered the male to be highly intoxicated.  It was determined the male had taken medication with alcohol and he started to sweat profusely.  Subject provided a breath sample of .292.  AFD paramedics were called to evaluate the subjects condition.  AFD completed an evaluation and did not transport.  The subject was taken to the hospital for further medical clearance.

    No Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance:  3/17/18, 0228 hrs- Airport Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for an inoperable right side tail light. The driver was clear in records. The driver could not produce any liability insurance documentation and admitted he did not have insurance coverage on the vehicle.  The driver was issued a Summons for No Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance. The vehicle was impounded. The driver departed the area in a cab.

    Arrest warrant served: 3/17/18, 0900 hrs- Officers were notified of a juvenile flying into Alaska who was a runaway on probation with conditions not leave the state and an active warrant from Homer Police Department. At approximately 1300 hours the flight arrived and officers contacted the juvenile. Airport Police placed the juvenile under arrest and remanded him to MYC.

    Vehicle Theft: 3/17/18, 2114 hrs- Airport Police officers were contacted in the south terminal by the owner of a vehicle that had possibly been stolen from the short term parking garage.  Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. Investigation revealed a suspect black Chevy pickup and a male suspect with a beard, brown shoes, blue jeans, an Alaskan Grown sweatshirt and a dark beenie, walking throughout the south terminal. Investigation continues.

    Missing Person: 3/19/18, 0358 hrs- Airport Police contacted a male subject who had locked himself in the family restroom near the USO Military Lounge for an extended period of time.  Records check showed him to be a missing person from a local assisted living home. The case officer contacted the care giver at the assisted living facility and coordinated the subjects return home. 

    Public Assist: 3/19/18- Officers responded to a report of a male near the Delta ticket counter who was yelling loudly about having a heart attack.  Upon contact and identification of the subject, it was found that he was a "run away" from an assisted living facility in Anchorage.  The facility was contacted and the subject was released to a care taker. 

    Stolen Vehicle: 3/19/18, 1815 hrs- Airport Police were dispatched to the Republic Parking for a white Escalade running through the exit without paying. The vehicle was gone when patrol units arrived. Later in the evening, a couple contacted a Airport Police about their missing White Escalade. The vehicle was placed in records with stolen status.

    Recovered Stolen Vehicle: 3/19/18, 1917 hrs- Airport Police responded to Dollar Rent-A-Car for a recovered stolen vehicle in their lot. The manager stated that the vehicle was rented on 3/14/18 and was not returned when the 1 day contract was up. A manager listed the vehicle as stolen on 3/18/18 with APD. The manager stated he had received a phone call from the renter on 3/19/18, that he no longer had possession of the vehicle, because a friend borrowed it and never returned it to him.  Dollar was able to locate the vehicle and recovered it with a spare key. There were various articles of clothing inside.  Airport Dispatch removed the stolen status.

    TSR Violation: 3/19/18, 2205 hrs- Airport Police responded to lane 2 at South Screening for a firearm in a carry-on bag. The bag was secured and the owner was escorted to the police office for questioning. The owner was completely unaware that the gun was in his bag. The owner and firearm were clear. The owner rescheduled his flight and returned the firearm to his residence.  A report was forwarded for possible federal fines.

    Medical Assist: 3/20/18, 0026 hrs- Airport Police responded to a subject having a seizure at the AK Airlines ticket counter. Officers arrived and observed the subject laying on his side unresponsive, but breathing on his own with a pulse. Officers ensured the male was in the recovery position on his side. After a few minutes, his pulse and breathing slowed then eventually stopped. Officers began CPR. The AED was hooked up and a shock was advised. Officers continued CPR until the second shock was advised. AFD arrived and took over CPR and ALS medical treatment. The subject was transported to a local hospital with a pulse and breathing on his own.

    DUI-drugs: 3/20/18, 0316 hrs- Airport Police conducted a traffic stop on a subject. Upon contact, a syringe was observed near the driver. The driver submitted SFST's and failed. He was brought back to Station 1 for processing. The case officer was granted a search warrant for the subject's blood. Case continues.

    Vagrancy x2/Drunk in Public: 3/20/18, 0337 hrs- Airport Police were dispatched to two males in the restroom that were “acting weird”.  Upon arrival, officers contacted the subjects, who were actively drinking alcohol and being loud. One was aggressive, so he was escorted out to a partrol vehicle and transported to sleep off due to being too intoxicated to care for himself.  The other subject departed the area on foot.

    Arrest Warrant Served: 3/20/18, 1006 hrs- Officers responded to the TSA ticket podium for an ID verification.  The verification revealed that the subject had a $250 warrant for Failure to Appear with an original charge of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender.  The subject was transported to the Anchorage jail. 

    Marijuana Disposal: 3/20/18, 1417 hrs- Officers responded to the C trace room for a report of a green leafy substance concealed in a jar of peanut butter.  Several attempts were made to locate the responsible subject by page and at the gate without success. Marijuana was logged in for disposal.   

    Arrest Warrant Served: 3/20/18, 1531 hrs- Airport police responded to the commercial ramp for a suspicious male. Upon contact the subject was identified and had an outstanding $200 warrant for Failure to Appear for the original charge of Operating Under the Influence.  He was placed under arrest for the warrant and transported to jail.

    TSR Violation: 3/21/18, 0739 hrs- Officers responded to the C security checkpoint for a report of a firearm in a carry-on bag.  Investigation revealed that the firearm was not loaded and no ammunition was found on the passenger.  Passenger was clear of any warrants in all systems.  Nothing more suspicious noted.  The passenger was released with the firearm to the unsecured side to make new arrangements.  All information was given to TSA for reporting purposes. 

    Welfare Check/Community Policing: 3/21/18, 2338 hrs- Airport Police contacted a female that was acting unusual, by pulling up her shirt and talking to herself. She told officers she had been staying in the airport since March 1. Officers learned that she had actually missed her flight to Nome earlier in the day. Officers assisted with getting her re-booked for another flight.

    Public Intoxication: 3/22/18, 2041 hrs- Anchorage Airport Police contacted two intoxicated individuals near the upper ramp door 1 of the domestic terminal.  The intoxicated subjects were escorted to the taxi line where they agreed to leave for the night and get a hotel room.  Several hours later the male and female had returned to the airport and this time they were both highly intoxicated.  The male provided a breath sample with a BrAC of .325 and the female's BrAC was .303.  Both were transported to sleep off without incident.

    Arrest Warrant Served: 3/23/18, 0002 hrs- Airport Police contacted the occupants of a vehicle parked in Airport Park after hours.  The vehicle was occupied with one male and one female.  Records indicated the male to have a $500 APD arrest warrant.  The female was clear of wants and warrants with no driver's license.  Further investigation showed the owner of the vehicle was not available to pick it up. He had been previously remanded to the Anchorage Jail.  The vehicle was impounded.  The male was remanded to the Anchorage Jail, where a small bag with a trace amount of Methamphetamine was found on his person.  Charges will be forwarded to the DA's for MICS 4 and Promotion of Contraband.  
    Refueling Stand-by/Medical Assist: 3/23/18, 0309 hrs- Airport Police responded to gate N-4 for an arriving medical divert with the report of an elderly female having difficulty breathing.  China Southern  arrived at the gate and Officers and Paramedics boarded the aircraft.  It was determined the female was having an unknown reaction that was effecting her breathing.  The passenger was cleared by U.S. Customs and transported to a local hospital for advanced care.  The aircraft was fueled with ARFF standing by and departed Anchorage International Airport shortly after.

    False Alarm: 3/23/18, 0350 hrs- Airport Police responded to 3830 Old International Airport Drive for the report of burglary motion detection alarm.  Officers set up a perimeter and no activity was observed coming from the interior of the building.  The building manager was contacted and arrived on-scene.  The building was cleared and everything was observed to be secure.  The manager suspected the alarm was set off by small mice.

    Medical Assist/Refueling Stand-by: 3/23/18, 0640 hrs- Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to L.A. diverted to ANC due to a 68 year old male with extreme abdominal pain. The male passenger was evaluated at ANC and was transported by AFD to a local hospital for further treatment.  ARFF crews provided a refueling stand-by.

    ELT Search: 3/23/18, 2130 hrs- Anchorage Airport Police responded to Floatplane Drive to assist the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) with locating an aircraft with an activated ELT.  Officers with the assistance of CAP located the aircraft and turned the beacon off.

    Assault in the 4th Degree: 3/23/18, 2345 hrs- Airport Police responded to the PenAir hanger located off of Boeing Drive, for employees who had been assaulted.  Officers arrived on scene.  Witnesses stated the aggressor departed the area in his SUV before officers arrived.  The aggressor had assualted 2 employees.  The male assault victim received a two inch scratch on the left side of his face and stated his left shoulder was hurting.  The female victim stated she was punched in the nose, lip and side of the head.  Both subjects refused any medical attention. The male aggressor could not be located or contacted.  Photos and statements were taken and charges will be forwarded to the DA’s Office.
    Indecent Exposure: 3/24/18, 0128- Airport police were dispatched to a male restroom at the south terminal, for the report of a male masturbating.  Officers arrived and contacted the witness who reported the activity.  The male had departed the area and officers later located him on the lower level near door 8.  Investigation confirmed the identity of the male. He was relocated to the south terminal police office where he was issued a Summons for court and given a 30 day court date.  He was transported to his place of residence without incident.

    Disturbance: 3/25/18, 0208 hrs- Airport Police were dispatched to the rental car garage for the report of a disturbance. A employee could hear a male and female arguing.  Officers arrived on scene and contacted both parties.  The male was an employee.  His girlfriend arrived at his place of employment, because she was upset her boyfriend was spending too much time with his friends.  No history of Domestic Violence.  The couple departed the airport together.

    DUI-Alcohol: 3/25/18, 2308 hrs- Anchorage Airport Police observed a vehicle driving on Lake Shore Taxiway and a taillight that was not operational.  An officer conducted a traffic stop.  The driver was observed to have bloodshot watery eyes and the officer detected the strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver.  SFST's were started but had to be stopped due to the driver suddenly not being able to understand or speak English.  An interpreter was located and used for the entire DUI process.  The driver failed SFST's. DataMaster results were 2 x the legal limit.  The driver had a previous DUI conviction in 2017.  The subject was remanded to the Anchorage Jail.

    MICS 5: 3/26/18, 1315 hrs- Airport police responded to the trace detection room for a coffee can in checked luggage. The owner of the bag was contacted. He stated it was an ounce of marijuana. The officer weighed the substance, which tested positive for THC, and weighed 3.2 ounces. The passenger was issued a summons to appear in court for Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance 5 and he was released. The marijuana was confiscated for evidence.

    Suspicious Circumstances: 3/27/18, 0014 hrs- Airport Police responded to W. 50th and South Aircraft for a male adult pulling what looked like tools out of his backpack and walking around a de-icer truck. He was later seen by the complainant citizen shaking the truck. Officers made contact with the subject who has a record of hostility towards law enforcement. During the contact, it was determined that the subject did not have business in the area and that there was no damage to the truck. The subject was given a trespass warning and told to leave the area.

    MVA-Damage: 3/27/18, 0855 hrs- Officers responded to W. International Airport RD and Postmark DR for a motor vehicle collision with no injuries. One driver was stopped for a redlight at the intersection and he was hit from behind by the other driver. The at fault driver was issued a citation. The total estimated damage was $4,000.00. 

    Theft 4: 3/27/18, 1524 hrs- A citizen arrived at Station 1 to report that two fuel bladders had been stolen from his aircraft, located in Echo Parking. The estimated loss was $200.00.

    Non-Criminal Committal/Welfare Check: 3/28/18, 0328 hrs-  Airport Police responded to a report from an off duty police officer, that a female was in the middle of the road looking unsteady on her feet. Officers made contact and determined that she exhibited signs of intoxication. She was loud and irritated but submitted to a PBT which registered .000. She was transported to the Anchorage Jail and admitted to non-criminal committal, due to her aggressive behavior and possible drug use.

    Drunk in Public/Welfare Check: 3/29/18, 0255- Airport Police were disptached to a female who stated she did not know how she arrived at the airport. Upon contact, the subject stated she needed a ride home.  After questioning her whereabouts earlier in the night, she stated it was all a blur. The subject provided a PBT sample of .241 BrAC. She was transported to Sleep Off.

    Criminal Mischief 5: 3/29/18, 1505 hrs- Airport Police responded Alaska Airlines Cargo for a report that someone tried to steal a vehicle. A pilot had been out of town. When he returned someone had broken into his vehicle and punched out the igntion. The estimated damage was $200.00. The investigation is ongoing.

    Vehicle Theft: 3/29/18, 1625 hrs- Airport police responded to the upper ramp at the South Terminal for a report of a stolen vehicle. Investigation showed a family get out of their car and walk into the terminal to check in for their flight. They left their rental car running unattended.  A male and a female drove off with the vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

    Fire Service-Runway Standby: 3/29/18, 2311 hrs- Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) crews were dispatched to an Alaska Airlines flight landing on 7L with heat coming from a cargo compartment. The pilot advised that the onboard fire extinguisher was activated in the compartment.  The aircraft landed without issue. Engine 58 used the FLIR to look at the body of the aircraft. No hot spots were indicated in the cargo area.  ARFF crews escorted the plane to aircraft parking spot R2.  ARFF crew with full PPE and a charged handline opened the cargo hatches underneath in the rear of the aircraft, which revealed no smoke of fire.

    Medical Assist: 3/30/18, 1936 hrs- Anchorage Airport Police were dispatched to gate L-1 for a male requesting oxygen and the patient was having difficulty breathing.  The patient was contacted and he was immediately placed on oxygen by officers.  He had tightening in his chest during his flight and when assessed by officers, his blood pressure was extremely high.  The Anchorage Fire Department Paramedics were requested.  AFD transported the patient to a local hospital for advanced care.

    Medical Assist: 3/30/18, 2122 hrs- Anchorage Airport Police responded to gate C-5 for a flight arriving with an elderly male suffering from chest pains.  Dispatch advised the patient was administered Nitro, Aspirin, and placed on oxygen.  AFD Paramedics were requested and arrived on scene to assess the patient.  The patient was transported to a local hospital.

    Arrest Warrant Served/DUI: 3/31/18, 0137 hrs- Airport Police contacted the driver and soul occupant of a vehicle parked in Earthquake Park after hours.  Records indicated the driver to have a $100.00 APD Arrest Warrant.  During the contact, Officers observed an open container in the console of the vehicle and the driver to have bloodshot water eyes and the odor of alcohol coming from her person. SFST's were conducted which she failed. The driver was transported to the Airport Police Station 1 for DUI processing.  She provided a breath sample which resulted in over 3x the legal limit  The Magistrate was called for a telephonic bail hearing and the charges referred were DUI, DWLR and Avoidance of Ignition Interlock Device.  The Magistrate set "No Bail" until arraignment.  She was also issued a citation for Open Container. The female defendant was remanded to the Anchorage Jail.

    Public Intoxication: 3/31/18, 0304 hrs- Airport Police contacted an intoxicated citizen at the domestic terminal, near door 7.  The citizen was dancing around, spilled his drink and then started licking the fluid off the floor. The male was transported to Sleep Off without incident.