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Noise Compatibility Program

The Airport has developed and continues to refine a Noise Compatibility Program designed to reduce impact on the surrounding community. The Program consists of land use and noise abatement measures. The Airport's Noise team is currently implementing a Residential Sound Insulation Program and installing a Flight Track & Noise Management System to quantify noise levels in the community. In addition, the team researches and responds to noise complaints, communicates with local planners about appropriate land use to encourage compatible development surrounding the Airport, and works cooperatively with the Air Traffic Control Tower, the Airlines and the local community to minimize impacts whenever possible.

ANC's comprehensive Noise Compatibility Program includes measures to reduce noise generated at the Airport and to mitigate impacts off airport when possible and reasonable. Airport noise is a community issue though, and the community, the aviation industry, the Municipality and the Airport all need to work together to address airport noise impact in a manner that allows continued development of this important economic and transportation resource and also minimizes noise impact on our community.

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