Jet Fuel Status

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airplane icon Cook Inlet Jet Fuel Oil Discharge Prevention & Contingency Plan Biweekly Upate — updated Sep 7, 2010

Delta Western
Approved plan in place. A spot charter application was received and approved by the Marine Vessels Section. The T/S Jasmine Express will be arriving September 7, 2010 to discharge up to 251,000 bbl of Jet A-1.

COSMO submitted a contingency plan application to the department on 7/26/10. The plan is under public review until September 7, 2010. A request for additional information will be required. Once the additional information is received and approved, a final 10 day public review will commence prior to final approval of the plan.

The Marine Vessels Section has been contacted by Leslie Pearson (consultant) on behalf of TransMontaigne. TransMontaigne is interested in shipping jet fuel into Cook Inlet. Ms. Pearson requested a pre-application conference to discuss the regulatory contingency plan requirements. No date for that conference has been set yet.