Cabins and Facilities

Cabins aboard the Alaska Marine Highway ferries provide basic amenities and vary in price according to size and location. All cabins are sold by the cabin per trip, not on a per person basis. Most cabins include private bathroom facilities, but for those that do not, public restroom and shower facilities are available. The Alaska Marine Highway does not provide daily room service for cabins, however trash is collected daily and fresh linens, pillow and blankets are available upon request for a small fee from the pursers’ desk. Cabins tend to sell out quickly, especially on mainline routes and should be reserved well in advance of travel. Cabins equipped to accommodate those with disabilities are also available, and all of our vessels have elevator access to cabin decks.

For passengers who opt to save a few dollars and travel without a cabin, the recliner lounges also serve as popular sleeping areas with space to roll out a sleeping bag. Covered solariums located on the upper decks of each vessel are also popular sleeping areas and for those with adventurous spirit small tents are allowed on the upper decks if you prefer to sleep under the stars.

Cabins are outfitted with single or double bunk bed style berths. Cabins that indicate a window will have either a full window or a port hole. Please note that the option for window type or cabin type will vary by vessel.

Cabin Types

2BF- 2 berth cabin with window, bathroom with shower, sink area and all linens

2BI- 2 berth cabin without window, bathroom with shower, sink area and all linens

2NO- 2 berth cabin with window, sink area and linens

2NI - 2 berth cabin without window, sink area and linens

2RO- 2 berth roomette with porthole window, no facillities or linens

2R - 2 berth roomette without window, no facillities or linens

2HF- 2 berth wheelchair accessible cabin with window, bathroom with shower, sink area and all linens

3BF- 3 berth cabin with window, bathroom with shower, sink area and all linens

4BF- 4 berth cabin with window, bathroom with shower, sink area and all linens

4BI- 4 berth cabin without window, bathroom with shower, sink area and all linens

4BS- 4 berth cabin with window, sitting area with table and chairs, bathroom with shower, sink area, and all linens

Cabin Description Terms

Outside- has a window

Inside- no window

WCA- Wheelchair accessible

2 berth- upper and lower bunk

3 berth- 1 upper and 2 lower bunks

4 berth- 2 upper and 2 lower bunks

Full facilities- cabin includes bathroom with shower, sink area and all linens

No facilities- cabin has only a sink area and linens are provided

Roomette- has no facilities, no sink, and no linens

Sitting room- table and chairs in a sitting area

Food and Beverage Service

All vessels of the Alaska Marine Highway, with the exception of the M/V Lituya, offer food and beverage service. Hot and cold items, which include Alaska seafood, salads, sandwiches and beverage service are served throughout the day in self-service dining areas. Vending machines are available on each vessel for access to quick snacks. The M/Vs Columbia and Tustumena provide full-service dining rooms that feature entrees of fresh Alaska Seafood.

Passengers are also welcome to bring aboard their own coolers or picnic items to be enjoyed along with the passing scenery. Refrigeration is not available but mainline vessels do provide coin operated ice machines and all vessels provide access to microwaves. Please remember that alcoholic beverages may be consumed only in the privacy of staterooms or otherwise designated areas by persons 21 years of age or older, and are prohibited in any public areas aboard the ship.

Public Areas and Services

Many public areas also serve as sleeping space for those traveling without a cabin. Comfortable reclining chairs are found aboard all vessels for overnight accommodation. Often passengers choose to bring sleeping bags and sleep in the solariums found aboard vessels making longer voyages.

Most vessels feature forward observation lounges and solariums for viewing spectacular scenery and wildlife. Gift shops offer souvenirs and informative books about Alaska.

The Columbia, Kennicott, Malaspina and Matanuska have theater areas that show scheduled feature films as well as documentaries about Alaska and the outdoors. Many mainline vessels have card rooms, small video arcades and reading rooms for passenger enjoyment.

Passengers with Disabilities

All of the AMHS vessels with cabins provide at least one wheelchair accessible cabin while all vessels have elevator access. Passengers need to notify the Alaska Marine Highway of any special accommodations that may be needed in the event of emergency. Please provide this information when making reservations and notify the purser upon boarding the vessel. To obtain additional instructions, please call 800-642-0066 or TDD 1-800-764-3779 for hearing or speech impaired customers only.

It is the policy of the Alaska Marine Highway System that no qualified individual with a disability be excluded from participation or be denied the benefits of the services, programs, or activities of AMHS, or be subjected to discrimination by any employee of AMHS.


The Alaska Marine Highway System operates in waters rich in wildlife. Many vessels have theater areas that show films of general interest and documentaries on Alaska and the outdoors. Gift shops sell magazines, books, and Alaskan souvenirs. In addition, some vessels have card rooms, reading rooms, small video game arcades, and/or toddler play areas.

Restrooms and Showers

Public restrooms are available on all vessels. Public showers are available on all vessels except the Lituya, Chenega and Fairweather.


Locking coin-op storage lockers are available for rent aboard the M/Vs Columbia, Kennicott, Malaspina, Matanuska, and Taku.


There are public access phones on some AMHS vessels, which require a phone card or credit card number. Ship-to-shore radio-telephone service is available only in the event of an emergency situation.

Electric Power

Electrical current on board AMHS vessels is 110-volt 60-cycle AC. Power is unprotected from surges and brownouts. Use of personal computers is therefore not recommended. Electrical hookups for vehicle refrigeration units are not available, and there is no refrigerated storage on board for passengers' commodities.

Medical Services

AMHS vessels do not carry ship's doctors, and medical services consist of first aid only.

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