Tustumena Replacement Project Conceptual Drawing

Retiring and replacing the M/V Tustumena with a vessel that is equally, if not more, versatile and seaworthy will provide reliable marine transportation service well into the future for the communities, residents and businesses in South Central, Kodiak Island and Southwest Alaska.

Project Key Dates

  • Glosten Selected for Design November 2013
  • Reconnaissance Report March 2014
  • Environmental Documents June 2014
  • Design Study Report November 2014
  • Final Design (100% PS&E) January 2016

Project Update: 11-07-17

The TRV project is at 100% PS&E (Plans Specifications and Estimates), and was included in the FY 18 Capital Budget which has been approved by the legislature , therefore the state now has the authority to spend project related federal funds, and state matching funds from the vessel replacement fund for construction of the TRV. The state is also currently working on gaining approval from Federal Highways to use a Best Value type of procurement solicitation, as opposed to a straight low bid type of request for proposal. AMHS management is also in the process of developing a Buy America Waiver request package which will also need to be approved by Federal Highways before the state can put the TRV project out to bid. The state plans to have both requests sent to Federal Highways by mid December 2017, and estimates the approval process from Federal Highways could take four months or longer.

Design and construct an ocean going vessel to replace M/V Tustumena

  • The M/V Tustumena entered service in 1964 and is near the end of its design service life. Together with the M/V Kennicott, these two ferries are the only ferries capable of serving the Alaska Marine Highway routes between Homer, Kodiak, and the Aleutian Chain.
  • Why replace the M/V Tustumena
    • Age: 50 years old
    • Lack of Capacity: 36 Vehicle (720 Lane Feet) and 174 Passengers. There is increasing demand for car deck capacity between Homer and Kodiak. Also there is an increasing demand for car deck capacity for the Aleutian Chain route
    • The increase in the discovery of wasted steel and cracking during annual maintenance availabilities

Tustumena Replacement Vessel Characteristics

Length Over All (LOA) 330 Feet
Depth 24.5 Feet
Breadth Over All (BOA) 71 Feet
Design Draft 15' - 10" to 16' - 6" (End of Service Life)
Air Draft 90 Feet
Cruise / Service Speed 15 Knots
Vans & Cars 12 Vans & 27 Cars
Cars Only 54
Vehicle Loading Ability Stern & Side (Port & Starboard), Vehicle Elevator
Vehicle Lane Length 1,180 Feet
Passengers 250 (Berths for 104)
Officer & Crew Minimum Manning IAW Regulatory Requirement Manned Engine Room