Will the cafeteria dining schedule be more frequent with new design?

Can the design consider an exterior bow observation deck similar to the Tustumena/Kennicott?

Is the design considering the capacity needs for the future 50 years rather that than the current need?

Will the new vessel fit at both Pier 1 and Pier 2 in Kodiak?

What are the specific design improvements in relation to public feedback?

Is the vessel being designed to consider a future transfer bridge and float dock in Kodiak/Homer?

Does the design consideration include shipping needs for fresh seafood freight capacity, considering that the AMHS is the most efficient option available?

What alternative designs have been considered to increase capacity? What would the design look like were it to provide for a 300 passenger capacity?

What design accommodations have been made for domestic animals?

Why not consider dredging at communities where vessel depth is being limited, thereby reducing the car deck capacity due to depth limitations?

Can the design be altered to increase speed of vessel to increase service down the chain?

What is the design of the engine room - is it automated?

What are the plans for the Tustumena once the new vessel has been built and is operational?

What is the budget for construction of the Tustumena Replacement?

Can the AMHS host a public meeting prior to final design?

Why is the AMHS not considering a bar in the new design?

What is the plan for construction funding?

How is the theatre going to be designed to take into future technology advancements?

Does the Kennicott sail full from Homer to Kodiak?

Will the new Tustumena be home ported in Kodiak?

How will a name be chosen? Will you consider a name and design elements relative to the regional native influence?

What is the peer review plan prior to final design?

Is the State of Alaska considering the modification of terminal facilities serviced by the Tustumena, to include a floating transfer bridge accommodation?

Will the State of Alaska increase service to the SW communities?

Will the Tustumena Replacement infringe on the adjacent properly tideland leases at Pier 1 in Kodiak?

Will the car elevator operate more efficiently than the current Tustumena elevator?

How will the hull be designed to accommodate the weather the vessel will encounter - draft, stabilizers?

Will the vessel be able to withstand falling off a wave such as the Tustumena did when the force of the landing snapped the beam?

Will the vessel be able to take a rogue wave should the captain have enough knowledge to navigate her through one?

What about icing up in the winter?

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