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The Alaska Marine Highway

Alaska is a big place with 656,425 square miles of rugged wilderness, scenic beauty and abundant wildlife. Which means traveling in Alaska presents some unique challenges as well as opportunities. Unlike the 'lower 48', many of our communities are not accessible by a land based road system, making the primary means of travel to them by air or sea. The Alaska Marine Highway makes up a large part of our 'highway system' and is a route so special it has been designated National Scenic Byway and an All American Road, the only marine route with this designation.

From the southern terminus in Bellingham, Washington, the Marine Highway stretches more than 3,500 miles to Dutch Harbor. With 119 state parks spread across the state and a total of 365 million acres, there's plenty of room for everyone to seek their own adventure. Whether your interest is in bike trails, secluded coves for kayaking, hiking trails, camping or National Parks and Wilderness areas, the Alaska Marine Highway is the perfect way to experience the communities that populate Alaska's diverse and scenic coastline.

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The Inside Passage

In the southeast, Alaska's Inside Passage treats you to spectacular natural beauty made up of mountains, rainforest and glaciers; offering an unmatched variety of wildlife; and containing a rich mixture of Native, early Russian, and gold rush history. It will reveal a multitude of islands and coves along the unspoiled coastline that are perfect to explore by boat or kayak. The entire region is wrapped in the Tongass National Forest, the largest National Forest in the United States and the largest contiguous temperate rain forest in the world.

Starting in Bellingham WA or Prince Rupert BC, stops are made through out Southeast Alaska communities. The MV Kennicott continues across the Gulf and onto Whittier during the summer months. The larger communities of Southeast are a regular stop on most cruise line itineraries and the locals are always ready to welcome visitors. These areas offer a multitude of tours, guides and outings to suit any taste. Don't miss the totem poles, Native dancers and many museums that highlight the rich Native culture of Southeast.

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SE Route Map

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Running Times

Prince Rupert to Ketchikan 6:00
Bellingham to Ketchikan 38:00
Ketchikan to Wrangell 6:00
Wrangell to Petersburg 3:00
Petersburg to Juneau 8:00
Petersburg to Sitka 10:45
Sitka to Juneau 8:45
Juneau to Haines 4:30
Haines to Skagway 1:00

The Gulf of Alaska

Travel within Alaska is easy due to the cross Gulf of Alaska sailings on the Alaska Marine Highway. Begin your journey in Bellingham WA or Prince Rupert BC and travel on the ferry as far north as Whittier. From June through September, the MV Kennicott makes semi-monthly trips from Bellingham, stopping in Ketchikan and Juneau in the southeast before continuing on to Yakutat and Whittier.

This route is not only a service link between the Inside Passage in the Southeast and the Southwestern routes, but it is also the trip of a lifetime for those who like comfortable adventure. From Whittier, travel by road or train to Anchorage and beyond after a relaxing ferry ride. Or you can continue on a Southwest Ferry Route across Prince William Sound and onto Kodiak Island.

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CG Route Map

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Running Times

Prince Rupert to Ketchikan 6:00
Bellingham to Ketchikan 38:00
Ketchikan to Juneau 20:00
Juneau to Yakutat 17:00
Yakutat to Whittier 22:00

Prince William Sound to Kodiak Island

The ferry can take you through beautiful Prince William Sound and into the Gulf of Alaska, around the Kenai Peninsula and into lower Cook Inlet. The coastal communities of this region are the outdoor playgrounds for more than half of the state's population. Outdoor acivities abound with four mountain ranges within driving distance of these ports. Enjoy the opportunity for day hikes in the mountains of the Chugach State Park to multi-day excursions into spectacular Denali National Park. Choose from a variety of exciting adventures including camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting and much more.

Our South Central routes serve multiple communities in Prince William Sound and on Kodiak Island. While aboard the ferry, travelers will thrill to the spectacular sights of ice-blue glaciers, tranquil fjords, lush forests, and unbelievable concentrations of seabirds and marine wildlife. These routes continue with connections by road at Valdez, Homer and Whittier or by sea from Kodiak Island. On Kodiak Island, the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge was established to conserve their most popular residents, the Kodiak Brown Bear.

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SC Route Map

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Running Times

Valdez to Cordova 5:00
Cordova to Whittier 6:45
Whittier to Valdez 5:45
Kodiak to Port Lions 2:30
Port Lions to Homer 10:15
Homer to Seldovia 1:30
Homer to Kodiak 9:30

The Aleutian Chain

The Aleutian Islands and Alaska Peninsula sweep more than 1,500 miles from Cook Inlet toward Asia. This region sits atop the "Ring of Fire", a string of volcanoes along the Pacific Rim, and boasts several wildlife refuges. The harsh weather precludes ferry service in the winter, but each spring the Alaska Marine Highway System resumes its regular sailings to the seven westward communities of Chignik, Sand Point, King Cove, Cold Bay, False Pass, Akutan and Dutch Harbor / Unalaska.

See the remote, beautiful, and mysterious Southwest Alaska on the Alaska Marine Highway. From gentle coastal grasslands to rumbling snow-capped volcanoes, The Aleutian Chain has a character and charm all its own. This land of mystery is home to numerous national wildlife refuges and hundreds of species of sea birds, fur seal colonies, walrus and other wildlife.

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SW Route Map

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Running Times

Kodiak to Chignik 18:45
Chignik to Sand Point 9:15
Sand Point to King Cove 6:45
King Cove to Cold Bay 2:00
Cold Bay to False Pass 4:15
False Pass to Akutan 10:30
Akutan to Dutch Harbor 3:30
Yakutat, Alaska 99689
Terminal Location:
Yakutat Fisheries Dock
Contact: Harbor Master
(907) 784-3491
Wrangell, Alaska 99929 More About
This Community
Terminal Location:
Stikine Avenue at Evergreen
1/4 mile north of town
(907) 874-2021
Whittier, Alaska 99693
Terminal Location:
West Camp Road
1/4 mile north of town
(907) 472-2378
Valdez, Alaska 99686
Terminal Location:
520 Ferry Way
West end of city dock
(907) 835-4436
Tenakee, Alaska 99841
Terminal Location:
City Center at J Street
Contact: General Store
(907) 736-2205
Tatitlek, Alaska 99677
Terminal Location:
Village Dock
Contact: Village of Tatitlek
(907) 325-2352
Skagway, Alaska 99840
Terminal Location:
Mile 0, Klondike Hwy.
1/4 mile south of town
(907) 983-2941
Sitka, Alaska 99835
Terminal Location:
5307 Halibut Point Rd.
6.5 miles N. of town
(907) 747-8737
Seldovia, Alaska 99663 More About
This Community
Terminal Location:
Dock Street, north of town
Contact: City Hall
(907) 234-7868
Sand Point, Alaska 99661
Terminal Location:
Chichagof Avenue
Contact: City Hall
(907) 383-2696
Prince Rupert, BC
Terminal Location:
2100 Park Avenue
1.5 miles SW of town
(250) 627-1744
Port Lions, Alaska 99550
Terminal Location:
Harbor Road
Contact: Russell Gunderson
(907) 454-2477
Petersburg, Alaska 99833
Terminal Location:
1100 S. Nordic Drive
South of town
(907) 772-3855
Pelican, Alaska 99832
Terminal Location:
Coho Way, N. of town
Contact: Reservations
(800) 642-0066
Ouzinkie, Alaska 99644
Terminal Location:
New City Dock
Contact: Mayor Dan Clarion
(907) 680-2251
Old Harbor, Alaska 99643
Terminal Location:
New City Dock
Metlakatla, Alaska 99926
Terminal Location:
Walden Point Road
Contact: Ketchikan Terminal
(907) 228-6886
Kodiak, Alaska 99615 More About
This Community
Terminal Location:
100 Marine Way, Suite 100
1 block south of city center
(907) 486-3800
King Cove, Alaska 99612
Terminal Location:
South end of boat harbor
Contact: City Hall
(907) 497-2340
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901 More About
This Community
Terminal Location:
3501 Tongass Avenue
2 miles north of town
(907) 225-6182
Kake, Alaska 99830
Terminal Location:
264 Keku Road
Contact: City Hall
(907) 785-3804
Juneau, Alaska 99801 More About
This Community
Terminal Location:
Mile 13.5 Glacer Hwy
At Auke Bay
(907) 465-8853
Hoonah, Alaska 99829
Terminal Location:
119 Cannery Road
Centrally Located
(907) 945-3292
Homer, Alaska 99603
Terminal Location:
4690 Homer Spit Road
at the end of Homer Spit
(907) 235-8449
Haines, Alaska 99827 More About
This Community
Terminal Location:
Lutak Road
5 miles west of town
(907) 766-2111
Gustavus, Alaska 99826 More About
This Community
Terminal Location:
State Dock Road
Contact: City Hall
(907) 697-2451
False Pass, Alaska 99583
Terminal Location:
Adjacent to the Airport
Contact: Tom Hoblet
(907) 548-2319
Dutch Harbor, Alaska 99692 More About
This Community
Terminal Location:
Delta Way at E. Point Road
Contact: Harbormaster
(907) 581-1254
Cordova, Alaska 99574
Terminal Location:
201 Orca Avenue
1 mile north of town
(907) 647-2451
Cold Bay, Alaska 99571
Terminal Location:
Centrally Located
(907) 532-2401
Chignik, Alaska 99564
Terminal Location:
Airport Road
Contact: Robert Carpenter
(907) 749-2277
Chenega Bay, Alaska 99574
Terminal Location:
Main Street
Contact: Pete Kompkoff
(907) 573-5132
Bellingham, WA 98225
Terminal Location:
355 Harris Avenue
Suite 101
(360) 676-8445
Angoon, Alaska 99820
Terminal Location:
S. of town, Killesnoo Harbor
Contact: City Hall
(907) 788-3653
Akutan, Alaska 99553
Terminal Location:
Centrally Located
Contact: Harbormaster
(907) 698-2265