The Alaska Marine Highway System gladly welcomes various types of reservations. We serve a variety of customers and it is our mission to accommodate the needs of every customer.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Reservations Office toll-free at 1-800-642-0066 to discuss booking options with one of our Reservation Agents.

Independent Travel

Independent travelers can be defined as anyone wishing to book ferry travel that is not associated with an agency, group or traveling for military purposes. Reservations may be Booked Online or by filling out and submitting a Reservation Request Form for up to 6 passengers traveling with or without a vehicle. Some restrictions may apply. Please review our Reservation Policies to help answer specific questions you may have.

Groups and Tours

A group or tour group is defined as a party of 10 or more passengers booked by a Travel Agent, Tour Operator or are being booked as part of a College/University, Mission Trip or Caravan. More information can be found on our Group and Tour Reservations page.

Youth Groups

A youth group is defined as a properly chaperoned group of individuals under the age of 18. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth Church Groups, and School and / or Sports groups are typical examples of youth groups. More information can be found on our Youth Group Reservations page.

Military Travel

Military Travel is defined as government authorized transport of active military personnel, their immediate family and vehicles to accommodate Military Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. More information can be found on our Military Reservations page.

Find a Sailing

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The Quick Search tool is great when you understand the regions in which vessels operate. After reviewing the results, a link is provided to begin a reservation.