Alaska Wildlife Viewing

One thing that makes Alaska such a special place is the amazing wildlife, and seeing bears, moose, eagles, or whales seems to top everyone's list, residents and visitors alike. If wildlife viewing is high on your list of highlights, spend some time researching the best locations and times to watch for specific animals, which will contribute to a more successful viewing experience. Here is a directory of wildlife hot spots. Also review the ADFG's website for additional tips and most importantly how to stay safe.


Hit the beach for summer fun!

With over 30,000 miles of shoreline Alaska is full of secret, and not-so-secret, beaches and coves that offer the perfect opportunity for a variety of activities. From sea kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing or tide pooling where you'll find a variety of unique critters. What better way to access the best beach front recreational areas than through the communities along the Alaska Marine Highway? Or just ask the locals about their favorite hiking trails that lead to hidden coves or pristine beaches where you can find solitude or simply enjoy the sound of the surf and fresh ocean air while you view birds and sea life playing among the waves.


Photo of people watching MV Kennicott pull into Homer

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