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AASHTOWare Project: Contractors

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There are no implementation updates for Contractors at this time.

DOT&PF is using AASHTOWare (AWP) Project, an online system designed to help states mange the complexity of large scale construction projects.  Starting January 1, 2021 we will begin using the certified payroll portion of AWP.  This section of the software is designed to help us streamline the collection and approval of certified payroll.

You will use AWP to submit certified payroll for all DOT&PF contracts awarded after January 1, 2021.
Why is AASHTOWare so great?

  • No Cost to You: There is no cost to submit your certified payroll in AWP
  • One and Done: Since DOL, DOT, Primes, and Subs will all be using the same system you only need to enter each payroll one time.
  • Error Checking: The system will help check for errors.  This will free up your time and ours!
  • Easy: Prime Contractors have easy access to subcontractor  payroll
  • Web-based: The system is available anywhere there is internet access!

Below are some answers to the questions we have heard from you.

When will we start using the new system?

You will start submitting certified payroll in AWP for all DOT&PF contracts awarded January 1, 2021. We will be sure to offer plenty of training opportunities in the meantime and once AWP has launched.

How do I get access?

There are two parts to accessing AWP to submit Certified Payroll.

  1. Your business must be registered with IRIS Vendor Self Service
    All prime and sub-contractors need to have registered their business with the State of Alaska’s IRIS Vendor Self Service.  You can do this step now! This page will help you determine if you already have an account or need to set one up.
  2. You will need an account to log in
    Accounts in AWP will be granted after you have been awarded a contract.
    As contracts are awarded after the New Year, you will receive information on how to obtain an account to log into AASHTOWare Project.  Each account is associated with a particular person and it will be your responsibility to keep your username and password safe.  Your account is what you will use to electronically sign the payroll that you submit.

Who can see the payroll I submit?

DOL and DOT&PF staff will only be able to see the information that is appropriate for their job function.  You will submit all of your certified payroll details in AWP.  The system will take care of redacting the unnecessary information for you.  Prime contractors will be able to see, and check, all their subcontractor’s payroll prior to sending it on to DOL and DOT in the system.

Will you provide training?

You bet.  You can find training materials here.  We will be adding additional trainings to this page so be sure to check back often. If you want to hear about upcoming live training be sure to sign up for our email newsletter here.

Can Payroll be automatically uploaded?

Yes, many accounting systems are already set up to export payroll data directly into AWP.  In addition you can use an excel document to convert your payroll into XML (the programming language used by AWP) or you can enter the data directly into the website.  You can find more information and resources here.

Why is DOT&PF using AASHTOWare Project?

Managing complex construction projects is hard work.  The reporting required takes a lot of time and the information must be accurate when we pass it on to other government entities and the public.  AASHTOWare Project is designed to assist state DOTs with awarding, managing, and reporting on construction projects.  We know this change will be hard but we also know that going to AWP will help us Keep Alaska Moving